The Certified Green Sustainability Contractor Standard Is Here

I have owned or operated cleaning businesses for almost thirty years.  I have seen cleaning methods change, and the introduction of an endless supply of new cleaning chemical products and applicators come on to the market. Each product or method has a sales pitch or gimmick. How are contractors or our end users able to… Read More »

Locating Concrete Cleaning Services

Concrete cleaning can be seriously, really rough and without doubt stressful. On a frequent basis we go walking on concrete floors not even minding the marks and dirt we put onto these routes. We mindlessly forget the importance of the concrete passage built for us to have a far better way to have. Many persons… Read More »

Get The Best Accident Lawyer

There are soft tissue injuries that people can sustain if they lose their footing on a slippery floor. It is one’s legal right to launch a complaint and demand compensation if the premises had not indicated that the floor is slippery. Most slips occur when the floor finishing is highly polished. They also occur when… Read More »