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DIY – Tile Flooring in the Living Room

Americans generally reserve tile flooring for the kitchen or the bathroom. But if you’ve ever spent time in a Mexican hacienda, you know the deep, exotic pleasure of walking barefoot across beautiful tiles in a space not meant for dripping dishwater or stepping out of the shower.

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Installation of Garage Tile Flooring

Few years back garages were not considered as place that need to look beautiful. People left them ignored during home remodeling and decoration. But now trends have been changed and people have realized that garage renovation is necessary to generate lively atmosphere. Garage tile flooring is very beneficial and easy idea to improve appearance of garage. Tiles are available in various colors and patterns. One major advantage of garage tile flooring is its easy installation. Even you can do it on your own. On the other hand covering garage floor with different coating materials such as Epoxy, Polyurethane, Acrylic Sealer/Stain and Latex are difficult to do it on your own rather you need professional contractor to get the job done. This will add up labor charges and contractor fee in project cost that may not suitable for every one’s budget.

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